Report – NXT Title Likely to be Defended at Wrestlemania 37

NXT Championship at WWE Wrestlemania 37

There is another Wrestlemania 37 rumor swirling around and it is regarding the NXT champion. We are on the road to Wrestlemania 37 and WWE is pulling all stops to make the event as big as possible. It involves giving relevancy and prestige to the main championship of the developmental NXT brand. It is no … Read more

WWE Wrestlemania 37 Rumor-Edge Can Face the NXT Champion at Wrestlemania 37

Edge vs Balor for the NXT Championship at WWE Wrestlemania 37

It is almost a week since Royal Rumble 2021 and we now know that Edge is the winner of the coveted Royal Rumble match. It also means that it is the official time for WWE Wrestlemania 37 rumor to start spreading, and boy do we have a juicy headline for you. So buckle up your … Read more

WWE Wrestlemania 37 Rumors: Edge will Face the Champ at the Grand Event on 11th April

who will Edge face at Wrestlemania 37

Are you excited that Edge has returned and won the WWE Royal Royal Rumble 2021? Now the question everyone have in their mind is who is he going to face at Wrestlemania 37? We will talk about all WWE Wrestlemania 37 rumors here! Edge Retired in 2011 Due to a Neck Injury Almost 10 years … Read more

WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Results – Every News on the First Point to the Road to Wrestlemania 37

featured image for the WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Results Article

The WWE Royal Rumble 2021 results will start coming out at 7 PM Eastern time of the United States. Follow this post to know more! WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Results: Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg for the WWE Championship We begin WWE Royal Rumble 2021 with the blockbuster title match for the WWE title involving Drew … Read more

WWE Raw Results Jan 25 2021 – Randy Orton Destroyed Title Hopes For Alexa Bliss

The featured image for WWE RAW Results for 25th January 2021

Here comes the much-awaited episode of Raw Just before the Royal Rumble 2021, where we will share the WWE Raw Results Jan 25, 2021. In which you’re going to see the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg will come face-to-face. This is going to be something crazy. You also go to … Read more

WWE SmackDown Results for 22nd January 2021: The News and Build-Up for Royal Rumble 2021

WWE Smackdown Results Featured Image for 22 January 2021

We are less than 10 days away from the Royal Rumble event on 31st January. Moreover, fans are excited about the superstar’s name, who would become the winner of both Men and Women’s Royal Rumble match. The winner would eventually become part of Wrestlemania 37’s main event. After the exciting Royal Rumble 2021 event on … Read more

How Many Fans Would WWE Allow at WrestleMania 37? Complete details Live Audience Inside a WWE Arena

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Everyone has the burning question in mind on how many fans would WWE allow at Wrestlemania 37. It has been 300+ days since we have seen a live audience inside a WWE arena or pay per view. Wrestlemania 36 was entirely held without any fan participation. Moreover, since the event in April 2020, we have … Read more

WWE Raw Results for 18th January 2021 featuring Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles

The featured image for WWE RAW Results for 18th January 2021 at the ThunderDome

WWE RAW Results for 18th January 2021 Care to know what occurred on the recent taping of WWE RAW? If yes, then follow our coverage of WWE RAW results of the 18th January 2021 episode. The Shining Moments of 18th January 2021 Edition of WWE Monday Night RAW If you missed 18th January 2021’s RAW, … Read more