How Many Fans Would WWE Allow at WrestleMania 37? Complete details Live Audience Inside a WWE Arena

Everyone has the burning question in mind on how many fans would WWE allow at Wrestlemania 37. It has been 300+ days since we have seen a live audience inside a WWE arena or pay per view. Wrestlemania 36 was entirely held without any fan participation. Moreover, since the event in April 2020, we have seen the WWE universe’s virtual presence at the Thunderdome. However, things are heading in a positive direction. We might expect fans at Wrestlemania 37 in attendance at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Stephanie McMahon Shared Positive News Related to Wrestlemania 37

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon recently spoke regarding a rumor around Wrestlemania 37 “TMZ Sports” show. She said that WWE is planning some kind of arrangement in bringing as many as 25,000 fans in attendance at the grandest stage of them all WrestleMania 37.

It is understandable to put 20k+ fans inside a football stadium following the Covid-19 protocols than setting up something for a virtual audience. If WWE is successful in conducting Wrestlemania with fans surrounding, then it could open doors for them. They can start holding RAW and Smackdown all around the United States, generating revenue.

Still, nothing is definitive as WWE is still in the planning phase and sorting out its logistics. Moreover, there is no news on when ticket sales will begin. Furthermore, there is a question of how many fans would WWE allow at Wrestlemania 37, given the cases of Covid-19 are still consistent. We are hopeful that the WWE Universe would be able to see a live audience inside a WWE arena.

If you wish to know more about the recent announcement on the location and official dates of Wrestlemania 37, then click on the link here. Moreover, you can watch the video below to learn the details on the two events following WM37:

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