Wrestlemania 37 Rumors: Damian Priest is Getting A Big Push

Damian Priest officially made his main roster debut at the Royal Rumble 2021 by competing in the Men’s Rumble match. He put on an impressive performance, and gathered fans left and right. Moreover, he became friends with rapper Bad Bunny. The alliance even continued the next night on Raw through which he was spotted more by the mainstream audience.

Damian Priest took out The Miz and John Morrison before Bad Bunny nailed a dive that garnered big attention on the social media platform. The good news WWE has more big plans for him that could lead up to have a big WrestleMania moment, down the road just like it has been reported in recent times for Bad Bunny who has trained at the WWE Performance Center.

The Rumor is that, he could be a part of a tag team match with Bad Bunny against The Miz and John Morrison. This could be huge for Priest as he has just started to make his feet in the WWE. If he manages to win t Wrestlemania 37, then it could mean potential title runs in the future.

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