WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Results – Every News on the First Point to the Road to Wrestlemania 37

The WWE Royal Rumble 2021 results will start coming out at 7 PM Eastern time of the United States. Follow this post to know more!

WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Results: Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg for the WWE Championship

We begin WWE Royal Rumble 2021 with the blockbuster title match for the WWE title involving Drew McIntyre and Goldberg. It was clear from the beginning and as our fan poll suggested a few days ago. McIntyre wanted to take his reign to another level, and did in the Royal Rumble 2021 pay per view by defeating Goldberg to retain his WWE title.

Result: Drew McIntyre Def. Goldberg

WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Results: Sasha Banks vs Carmella for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Carmella entered the ring first while Sasha looked confident in her backstage interview. Like always the match involved Reginald disturbing the flow of the match, causing Sasha to get distracted. He was then kicked out from ringside, which was enough for the champ to lock “The Bank Statement” and force Carmella to tap out for the win.

Result: Sasha Banks Def. Carmella

We go on a break to see the two time Latin Grammy winner San Benito performing with BookerT at the RoyalRumble

WWE Royal Rumble Results: The Women’s Royal Rumble Match

The first Royal Rumble match of the 2021 edition is here and it is for the shot to challenge any Women’s title at Wrestlemania 37. We begin with the Royal Rumble stat check like every year. The 30-woman match is now underway with former champion Bayley getting the number one spot. Number two spot went to Naomi.

The Participants of 30-Women Royal Rumble Match

1. Bayley

2. Naomi

3. Bianca Belair is the next entrant who is currently in a rivalry with Bayley. This will be fun.

4. Next is Billie Kay. Still no one has been eliminated.

5. In at 5 is Shotczi Blackheart who had to deal with Billie Kay at the entrance way.

6. The NewWomen’s Tag Team Champion Shaina Baszler is here.

7. Toni Storm from NXT is here.

Shotczi Blackheart eliminated by Shaina Baszler

8. Jillian Hall is here and we get our first legends’ entry.

9. The leader of the Riott squad Ruby Riott is next

10. Another legend two-time Women’s Champion Victoria is back!

11. Peyton Royce is the next entry.

12. Santana Garrett is entering the ring.

13. Next is Liv Morgan from the Riott Squad.

Billie Kay eliminated!

14. Rhea Ripley from NXT is next!

Toni Storm eliminated.

Victoria eliminated. Two elimination by Baszler

15. Things are heating up as Charlotte Flair enters the ring.

Ruby Riott eliminated by Bayley.

16. Next is Dana Brooke entering her third Royal Rumble match.

Liv Morgan eliminated by Peyton Royce.

17. Torrie Wilson is here!

Dana Brooke is gone! Third elimination by Ripley

18. Lacey Evans is next, introduced by Ric Flair.

Charlotte Flair eliminates Peyton Royce.

Torrie Wilson eliminated

Bayley gone.

19. Mickie James is here.

20. Here comes Nikki Cross at the 20th spot.

21. Alicia Fox in at 21.

We see Alicia Fox defeating R-Truth for the 24/7 championship inside the ring.

22. Mandy Rose comes in and eliminated Fox

R-truth immediately pins Fox after her elimination to regain the 24/7 championship.

23. Dakota Kai is next.

Lacey Evans eliminated Mickie James.

24. Next is Carmella who lost her match against Sasha Banks.

Dakota Kai out by Ripley.

Many Rose follows.

Carmella kick out Cross

25. Tamina is here!

Carmella eliminated.

26. Lana returns after her injury.

27. Alexa Bliss at the coveted 27 spot.

She gets eliminated by Ripley before her transformation.6th elimination by Ripley

28. Ember Moon is here.

29. The new tag champ Nia Jax is here.

Ember Moon elminated.

Next goes Naomi by Jax. She lasted 42 minutes.

Now goes Baszler.

Lana kicks out Jax

Baszler and Jax interrupt the match.

30. Natalya

Last 5 remains but Lana goes. Natalya leaves as well. Last three remains. Flair, Belair, and Ripley. Flair is gone. We will have a new 30-women Royal Rumble match winner with Belair and Ripley remain. This is truly awesome! Biance Belair wins the 30-women Royal Rumble and is heading to Wrestlemania 37.

Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship

The last man standing match is about to begin and here comes Kevin Owens first. The Universal champion Roman Reigns along with Paul Heyman is next! Michael Cole and Corey Graves are calling the match. This will be brutal as we go underway with Reigns hitting the Superman Punch. Next comes the pop-up Power Bomb by Owens. After every body blow, Reigns hit Owens with a golf cart but Owens was still able to get up.

All around Republic Park, the two warriors hurt each other for the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns brought handcuffs to the table as he was out of answers on how to beat Owens. Eventually, he was able to defeat Owens and retain the Universal title.

Result: Roman Reigns Def. Kevin Owens in the Last Man Standing Match

The 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

Edge is entering the Royal Rumble match at number one. Randy Orton follows and we have the Rated-RKO reunion.

3. In at three is Sami Zayn. Teaming up with Randy Orton against Edge.

4. Next is Mustafa Ali from Retribution.

5. Jeff Hardy is here and saves Edge.

We see three RKOs on different occasions followed by a spear by Edge on Orton. Still no elimination.

6. Now comes the tag champ Dolph Ziggler for the 14th time.

Ziggler eliminates Hardy.

7. Nakamura is here who won the 2018 Royal Rumble.

8. Carlito is here with the first of the Legends return.

9. Out comes Xavier Woods and he heads straight to Ali.

10. The New Day reunion with Big E entering at the tenth spot.

The New Day eliminate Zayn.

11. John Morrison is here.

Woods eliminated.

12. Ricochet is next.

13. Elias comes next to try his luck.

Elias kicks out Carlito and turns his attention to Edge.

14. From NXT, Damian Priest is here.

Priest eliminates Elias.

15. The Miz comes to the ring with his briefcase.

Priest eliminates both Miz and Morrison thanks to a distraction from Bad Bunny.

16. Riddle is here.

17. The hot favorite Daniel Bryan is next.

18. Kane is next with his 18th appearance in the Royal Rumble match.

Kane eliminated Ziggler and Ricochet. But Priest kicks Kane out.

19. King Corbin makes his way to the ring.

Corbin ends Nakamura’s evening.

20.Otis in his first ever Rumble match and body slams Big E.

Corbin with his second elimination and ends Otis’ night.

21. Dominik Mysterio is here as number 21 in the 2021 Royal Rumble.

Dominik eliminates Corbin.

22. Another favorite Bobby Lashley is here.

Lashley removes Dominik and Priest.

23. The Hurricane fills the mandatory Legends slot.

Hurricane gets eliminated by Lashley and Big E.

24. Christian is next. We have goosebumps.

Lashley eliminated by four men.

25. AJ Styles is our pick and here he comes.

26. Former winner Rey Mysterio is next.

Big E is eliminated who lasted 29 minutes!

27. The coveted number 27 spot goes to Sheamus who already won it in 2012.

Mysterio removed.

28. Cesaro is next who has momentum on his side.

29. the second last spot goes to Seth Rollins who won the Royal Rumble match in 2019.

Cesaro and Rollins trade blows. Randy Orton is still not eliminated but he is not medically cleared. The number one entry Edge is still here.

30. The last one to enter the match is Brawn Strowman. This is huge.

Strowman removes Cesaro, Sheamus and Styles. 52 minutes into the match and we are down to 6 men, 7 if you count Randy Orton. Rollins removes Bryan who lasted 29 minutes. Riddle eliminated by The Messiah Rollins. 4 people remain. Edge is the Winner!!!!!!!!!!

The Road to Wrestlemania starts now!


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