Shocking Returns Before Wrestlemania 2021 – WWE Wrestlemania 37

It is January 2021, which means it is Royal Rumble month, pointing to the fact we are close to the road to Wrestlemania 37. Though there are still more than two months of time left till the grandest event of them all happens, WWE has now officially started penning down possible rivalries, matches, and surprise returns on March 28, 2021, at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Moreover, Royal Rumble is the door to Wrestlemania, allowing us to see old faces back and create blockbuster matchups at Wrestlemania 37. This post will discuss the top five names expected to make an appearance or potentially become a part of the main event at WWE Wrestlemania 37.

The List of 5 WWE Superstars Expected to Return Close to Wrestlemania 37

Over the 30+ years, WWE Wrestlemania has become a part of our lives. Moreover, the fans are essentially rewarded with the surprise returns of their favorite superstars, causing authentic fan moments such as arenas erupting in cheers and much more. We will share the list in this section below

1.  The Rated-R Superstar Edge Return

2020 was supposed to be Edge’s year, but the plans were ruined at first by the Covid-19 pandemic, and then the untimely injury delayed the plans. However, there are rumors that Edge could return at Royal Rumble 2021 and could resume his rivalry with Randy Orton.

Edge Returns Before Wrestlemania 2021

Moreover, it is speculated by American sports historian David Meltzer that the final showdown between the legends could be an ‘I Quit’ match. Whatever seems to be the case, the fans are eager to watch the Rated-R Superstar once again in full flow for the final time.

2. The Man Becky Lynch Return

Becky Lunch was the hottest superstar of the 2019-20 season. The momentum and popularity rose to such heights that she was compared to the Attitude Era Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, after successfully defending her title back at Wrestlemania 36, she announced her pregnancy and went on paternity leave. Though she hasn’t returned to action, there is a chance that she will be competing in some shape or form against the likes of Charlotte Flair or Ronda Rousey.

Becky Lynch Returns Before Wrestlemania 37

3. The Phenom- The Undertaker Return

For 20+ years, Undertaker was part of the main event at Wrestlemania and became a household name. The legend carried a famous streak that was only broken by the likes of Brock Lesnar. With nothing left to prove, the Undertaker announced his retirement back at the Survivor Series event in 2020. But, we all know how Wrestlemania is incomplete without the phenom.

The Undertaker Returns Before Wrestlemania 37

Still, it is unclear whether he’ll be a part of the night as a superstar or become the prominent inductee of 2021’s Hall of Fame ceremony and be honored by the WWE Universe.

4. The Doctor of Thuganomics John Cena Return

It has been a long time since the 16-time World Champion John Cena has been a part of the WWE Universe. It is since the fan-favorite has found success in Hollywood. He is slated to be a part of DC Universe’s Suicide Squad 2 movie in 2021. Moreover, his movie character was picked up to be a part of a TV-Series with Cena playing the titular character. Still, Cena’s heart beats for the WWE fans, and we have heard that the company is planning to create a rivalry that could be remembered for the days to come.

John Cena Returns Before Wrestlemania 37

5. The Messiah Seth Rollins Return

Seth Rollins has taken over Roman Reigns as the face of WWE, and he has the credentials to back that claim. The Messiah gimmick didn’t get much traction among fans. However, the star has plenty of great moments picking up the feud with the likes of Buddy Murphy, Rey Mysterio, and his son Dominik.

Seth Rollins Returns Before Wrestlemania 2021

Currently, Rollins is on paternity leave after becoming a father in December. He is favored to return close to the Royal Rumble, and since he is a part of the WWE Smackdown, he could face Roman Reigns in a Wrestlemania rematch.


The list of superstars is not definitive. However, almost every name mentioned in the list is scheduled to make an appearance in any shape on the night of WWE Wrestlemania 37. Some other names that could make a surprise return are Brock Lesnar or The Rock to potentially go up against the biggest heel in WWE right now. Roman Reigns.

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