WWE SmackDown Results for 22nd January 2021: The News and Build-Up for Royal Rumble 2021

We are less than 10 days away from the Royal Rumble event on 31st January. Moreover, fans are excited about the superstar’s name, who would become the winner of both Men and Women’s Royal Rumble match. The winner would eventually become part of Wrestlemania 37’s main event. After the exciting Royal Rumble 2021 event on 31ST January, we will officially be on the road to Wrestlemania 37 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Here are the results of WWE Smackdown.

The Follow Up of Roman Reigns, Adam Pearce, and Kevin Owens Saga

This week’s Smackdown started with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman entering the ring acknowledging the previous show’s events. After Reigns’ promo, Pearce came to the arena and tried to clear the air by stating that things have gone too far.

However, it led to the champ pointing out that the only thing that has gone out of control is Kevin Owens getting another shot at the WWE Universal Title at the Royal Rumble. Additionally, Paul Heyman challenged Pearce to a match, which he accepted at once.

The Women Tag Team Champs Head over to Smackdown to Face The Riott Squad

After suffering much drama on 18th January’s WWE RAW, the women’s tag champions Asuka and Charlotte Flair head over to Friday Night Smackdown and booked a match against Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott(The Riott Squad). The match was good overall, and Flair won it by hitting her maneuver Natural Selection for the win. However, Billie Kay certainly did dim the spotlight of the four performers in the ring. It goes to show that Billie Kay is the weak link.

Is Cesaro Getting the Push He Deserves – Cesaro vs. Ziggler

The previous week, Cesaro perhaps got the biggest victory of his career against Daniel Bryan. It prompted him to interrupt Bryan in the ring, where he was expressing how pumped up he was to finally compete at the Royal Rumble.

Cesaro issued an open challenge, which Dolph Ziggler accepted. This was a 5-Star match as both superstars went all out, giving each other a run for their money. In the end, Cesaro was able to land the Neutralizer and pin Ziggler for the win. It is not out of the window, but we could see Cesaro win the Royal Rumble match or at least be one of the last four wrestlers in the Battle Royale.

Big E Puts the Intercontinental Title on the Line Against Apollo Crews

Before the Cesaro/Ziggler match, Sami Zayn handcuffed himself near the entrance-way in protest. However, his intentions were clear, eyeing the IC title match between the Champ Big E and Apollo Crews.

The match started with quite an intensity, with Big E hitting Crews a belly to belly suplex along with a splash. Crews quickly retaliated with a German suplex of his own. However, the match ended in a no-contest as Zayn interrupted by releasing himself from the handcuffs and landing a couple of Helluva Kicks.

Pearce vs. Heyman – The Battle of the Suits

It was an unlikely match! Pearce had announced his retirement, and Heyman was never going to compete in a match. While entering the ring, Heyman faked a leg injury, much like how Pearce tricked Reigns into signing the contract and handing the title match at the Royal Rumble. Heyman announced that since he couldn’t compete due to unfortunate circumstances, he could name a replacement, which was Roman Reigns.

Upon entering the ring, Reigns landed a perfect Superman Punch and then put a low blow. The match never officially went underway, but Kevin Owens saved Pearce. The latter twice hit the Tribal Chief with the Stunner and finally through the announce table with a Popup Powerbomb.

The Rest of the Match Card

Here are a few results of WWE Smackdown that happened but weren’t vital to impact the match card of Royal Rumble 2021 or Wrestlemania 37:

  • King Corbin vs. Dominik Mysterio: Corbin securing a win with the End of Days.
  • Bayley vs. Bianca Belair Obstacle Course Challenge: Belair defeated the former champion by 17 seconds.
  • Sasha Banks vs. Reginald: Probably the most unnecessary match of the lot, with Banks getting the win via submission thanks to the Bank Statement.

Final Thoughts

This week’s results of WWE Smackdown were hands down much better than the whole month’s tapings. The A-Grade match between Ziggler and Cesaro stole the show. Though Zayn caused a DQ, the IC Title match between Big E and Crews looked promising as well. What are your thoughts on this week’s Smackdown? Leave your comment below and let us know.

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