WWE Wrestlemania 37 Rumors: Edge will Face the Champ at the Grand Event on 11th April

Are you excited that Edge has returned and won the WWE Royal Royal Rumble 2021? Now the question everyone have in their mind is who is he going to face at Wrestlemania 37? We will talk about all WWE Wrestlemania 37 rumors here!

Edge Retired in 2011 Due to a Neck Injury

Almost 10 years ago, one of the most iconic WWE superstars of all time, Edge had to retire from active competition. The reason was doctor’s orders and the string of injuries he had endured in his 2 decade long career. No one would have thought or imagined that he would return, not less compete in a WWE ring. Though Edge came back for a promo and in a backstage role, there was no hope or news that he would become an active WWE superstar again.

However, it only took 9 years for Edge to return at the 2020 Royal Rumble and create a rivalry against Randy Orton. However, the Covid-19 pandemic came in the way and ruined the perfect return. Moreover, an injury to the tricep caused Edge to go on a hiatus again.

Edge Returned and Won the 2021 Royal Rumble

A week before the Royal Rumble event, Edge recorded a promo, saying that he would be entering the match and expressed his desire to win it. On 31st January, the Rated-R superstar entered the match at number 1, lasted 29 other superstars, 58 minutes of endurance, and won the match. The victory guaranteed a shot at any world title at Wrestlemania on 10-11th April, 2021 in Raymond James Stadium.

The following RAW, he interrupted Drew McIntyre and told him specifically to watch his back. The WWE Wrestlemania 37 rumors surrounding that is Edge will ideally face McIntyre and win the championship at the grandest event of them all. There is no rumors as of now that he will face Roman Reigns. It is since, WWE are looking to book Roman reigns vs Daniel Bryan for Wrestlemania 37.

Still, nothing is official as of now. However, it is evident that Edge will declare his opponent within the next few weeks. Follow the blog to keep your updated on all the WWE Wrestlemania 37 rumors.

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